1.7.14 WOD

Starting Strength A

3×5 Back squat: 80

3×5 Bench press: 60

1×5 Deadlift: 120


1.7.14 FOD

Breakfast: coffee

Lunch: pork shoulder salad (spinach, cochinita pibil, tomatoes, salsa, celery, [avocado oil, apple cider vinegar])

snack: smoothie (cucumber, euro greens, whey protein, limes, cinnamon, coconut water)

1.4.14 WOD

Starting Strength B

3×5 back squat: 75
3×5 strict press: 55
3×5 power clean: 75
8 ring dips (blue band)

Shoulders were smoked by dips time. Feeling the squats which is ridiculous, because it’s not that many at a lightish weight.

1.3.14 FOD

breakfast: delicious coffee

lunch: taco salad [herb mix, ground beef, salsa, spicy carrots, celery (avocado oil, apple cider vinegar)]

dinner: whopper, small fries, strawberry shake (cheat night)